Sarah Smith

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b. 1986, HK.

What is Bad Content?

Content so bad, it’s good.


Bad Content is a place for creative expression. It is a brain hub of Sarah’s work and thoughts. It is for the every woman that doesn't quite feel like she fits in, but still wants her opinion to be seen and heard. It's a place for friends to explore and be inspired. Most of all, a love letter to all things artistic.


BAD CONTENT is an outlet for the quirky and imperfect. Bad Content is a dream of an idea for me. In all honestly, I don’t know what it will turn into. For right now, I wanted somewhere for all of my work, art, and creative thoughts to live in one place. My brain is constantly being consumed with different types of art, and I feel so freaking grateful that that is the case. To me, creativity is an intermingling of many ideas and concepts. With almost four years of professional work experience in the graphic design industry, I have a passion for all things visual and creative. From visual art to fashion to theatre to music to movies, I seriously love them all. Finding a way to combine all of those passions is my new goal in life. One type of medium can inspire something else, from color to tone to feeling and so on. My love and appreciation for all things creative is what my life is based around, so what better way than to explore and write it all down.

As humans, we typically want to put a label on what we think ourselves and other people are. We're put into a box of doing one thing, but that is never the case. My interests span a variety of topics and that is what I’m excited to document! This site is my own deep dive into figuring out what I am as well as being a graphic designer. So let's go ahead and jump right into it. Thanks for being here for the ride. The world can feel pretty dang lonely sometimes, so it's nice to find people with common interests and values, and most importantly be inspired by one another! Please comment with any thoughts, feedback, or just nonsense, and let's get this convo started. I'm always here to be a listening ear in return.