Sarah Smith


b. 1986, HK.

Who is Sarah Smith?

A funky woman with a not-so-funky last name. Still have mad love for you though, Mom and Dad.


Sarah Smith has been creating since she was a child and never wants to stop exploring. A multidisciplinary designer with more than four years of professional experience in the graphic design industry, Sarah loves taking on new creative challenges and expanding her skillset. This is the brain hub of Sarah's work and interests, a love letter to some of the things in life that bring her artistic joy.


SARAH has a passion for all things visual and creative. From art to fashion, theater to music to movies, I love it all. I believe inspiration can come from anywhere, even the most unexpected places. One type of medium can inspire something else. Things like color, texture, or tone may be rather simple on their own, but can be combined to make people truly feel something. It amazes me that design has the power to grab people's attention, and more importantly, to remember. Design allows me to explore infinite avenues to ease my adventurous heart. Mixing a variety of mediums into one final project is a beautiful thing. I love working alongside others, collaborating to make the process and final project the best it can be. Design is a dream that I never want to stop exploring. I'm currently very into apparel design, hand lettering, and branding, but I'm always ready to try my hand at something new. If you'd ever like to collaborate, don't hesitate to reach out!